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1. What's new in STUDIO

We have streamlined the way STUDIO works, whilst still maintaining all the great features the platform has to offer. With this brand new look, we have not only enhanced the way our platform looks but it is now even more user-friendly and efficient.

Head over to the following sections to help find your way around.

2. How to create a new video

Head over to your STUDIO account and select "new video"

A pop up screen will appear providing you with the option to either begin your project with a blank canvas or select one of our popular templates.

Select your preferred template (or select blank) and just like that you are ready to begin your video creation journey with our brand new design πŸš€

3. How to insert assets

To add an avatar, text, shapes or media to the canvas start from the bar at the top of your screen (previously on the right) as seen below ⬇️

  • Add an avatar by selecting the avatar button; here you can use the search functionality if you know the name of the avatar you would like to add, select from recently used, or scroll through all avatars to find the one that suits your needs best.

To action any changes to your avatar you can do so by utilising the options on the right hand side of STUDIO.

  • Add text by selecting the text button; here you can add a title, subtitle or paragraph.

You can style your text and change font family, font size, colour or positioning by using the design features on the right hand tool bar. This is no different than styling text in a Google Doc.

  • Add shapes or media by selecting the shapes or media button as seen below.



Select from a variety of pre-populated content or choose to upload your own. Once your shape or media is selected use the right hand bar to make any amendments, add animations or make an aesthetic change.

4. How to record your screen

Now easier than ever, choose to record your screen from the top bar, with the option being readily available for you!

You can choose to either record a Chrome tab, a specific window or your entire screen.

Once you have finished recording your video will automatically upload to your scene where you can make any amendments by utilising the right hand bar.

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