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What is animation?

Animations allow you to add movement to your text, titles, shapes and images so that you can keep viewers engaged with you content as seen in the example below

How to use animation in STUDIO

To create an animation select the element (title, text, image) you would like to animate.

Select animation from the right hand side format menu as seen below.

Select your preferred animation from the available list (we have selected "fade in from top" as seen below).

You can also set when you would like the animation to start by entering the delay time and animation duration (default delay set at 0s, and automatic default duration is set at 1s).

You can also set animations to exit if you would like your element to disappear before the end of your scene as seen below.

Once you are happy with the animations selected, you can preview these by selecting the play button.

The animation, duration and delay can be adjusted as many times as you want until the transition is in line with the script and scene you are creating. If you would like to remove the animation from any of your elements select the "none" option from the list.

Key Tips

  1. Holding the shift button when selecting an element, allows you to select multiple elements at once, so you can give them the same animation without having to duplicate the task.

  2. Once you have completed your script an estimated speech time will automatically generate. By placing your text cursor anywhere in your script you will see the estimated timestamp of the word. This will allow you to estimate the duration/delay you can add to fall in line with your script.

  3. If you select a sentence or a word from your script you will receive an estimated speech duration. This will also allow you to estimate the duration/delay you can add to fall in line with your script.

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