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1. Which Avatars are able to conduct gestures?

Navigate to ‘Avatar’ on the right-hand menu bar.

Search for Ophelia or Kristian and select one of them.

2. Which gestures are available?

6 gestures are available:

  • Head yes

  • Head No

  • Frown

  • Eyebrow up

  • Nod

  • Wink

3. How to add gestures to your script?

To add a gesture, navigate to the place in the script where you want to place a gesture and right-click. Move the mouse pointer to Gestures in the menu.

You can choose one of 6 gestures that best fits the point you want to emphasize.

This is what it looks like when you've inserted the gesture:

Once you generate the video, you’ll be able to see the avatar conduct the gesture.

Important to know

  • Make sure you separate two gestures in the script by a few words. If they're too close to each other, the avatar won't be able to perform the second one.

  • This is a beta, in upcoming months gestures will be rolled out to other avatars.

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