Learn how to:

  1. Add pauses

  2. Improve pronunciation

  3. Troubleshoot lip synchronisation

1. Add pauses

To insert a pause, navigate to the place in the script where you want to add a pause and right click. From the menu, select Pause.

Add the duration of the pause, either in seconds or milliseconds. For example:

  • To insert a 2 seconds pause: <break time="2s" />

  • To insert a 50 milliseconds pause: <break time="50ms" />

In situations where you want the avatar to idle during a scene, you can insert a pause without having a script for that scene. This is how it looks like:

2. Improve pronunciation

Occasionally you will notice minor problems with the pronunciation of certain words. Below is a list of recommendations on how to fix some of the most common problems.

  • Use phonetic spelling

In most cases, you can fix the pronunciation of a word using phonetic spelling. To do this, select the word for which you want to adjust the pronunciation and right-click on it. Select Pronunciation from the menu.

Once you click on it, a tag will appear where you can adjust the pronunciation of the word you selected.

Spell the word phonetically in the highlighted area.

Play the script to hear how it sounds, and if you're happy with it — leave the tag intact in your script.

NOTE: If you're including closed captions, the tag will not be displayed and the word will appear with the usual spelling.

Below is a handy table to help you replace letters with phonetic alternatives.

5f2aa75714ff3e0847b6ca23_Screenshot 2020-08-04 at 20
  • Use audio previews

Before generating your video, preview your script and by clicking on Play Script. This way you can identify any pronunciation issues prior to generating your video.

To save time, if you have a long script, you can preview only part of your text. To do this, select the part you want to preview, and click Play selected.

Play selected
  • Use short paragraphs

When you have a long script, break it down into smaller paragraphs. This will help our system adjust the pacing of the video and fix minor pronunciation issues.

  • Spell words correctly and don't mix languages

    Make sure you have used correct spelling, and don’t mix languages. For example, don’t include Spanish words in an English script.

  • Insert hyphens

    You can sometimes fix word pronunciation by inserting hyphens or using their phonetic spelling. Here are a few examples:

    • Words

      Try inserting hyphens to make the word sound like you want. For example:

      [ Content → con-tent ]

    • Acronyms

      Try spelling acronyms it like they would sound. For example:

      AI → a-eye

      AWS → a-"double you"-s

      NYC → N Y C

    • Numbers

      Try spelling numbers as words. For example:

      • Ten eighty-nine -> 10 89

      • Two five eight six -> 2 5 8 6

      • One hundred and forty eight: -> 148

  • Use punctuation marks

    If you have problems with sentence rhythm, try inserting commas, periods, or quotation marks to add different styles of breaks in your script.

    • Commas will add shorter breaks than a period.

    • Periods will add a longer break and downwards inflection.

    • "Quotes" will add emphasis to a specific word or part of the sentence.

3. Troubleshoot lip synchronisation

Sometimes you will notice differences in lip sync when you watch a video in your browser compared to the one you download. Often, this is not a problem with the video you created in Synthesia STUDIO, but rather with your video player or headphone setup.

Here are two of the most common reasons:

  1. You are using Bluetooth headphones to watch your video, and the latency compensation is not configured properly.

  2. You recently switched from Bluetooth to a wired connection. In these cases, latency compensation can sometimes get "stuck" and the video will no longer sync to compensate for a delay that does not exist.

Here is how to fix the problem:

  1. The first thing you should try in any of these scenarios is to quit and restart your video player, or even restart your computer if that does not fix the problem.

  2. If you are still having problems, click here to read an article on how to fix Bluetooth audio/video sync on Windows and Mac.

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