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Getting Started with Synthesia
Keyboard Shortcuts in Synthesia
Keyboard Shortcuts in Synthesia

Learn how to use keyboard shortcuts in Synthesia.

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Below are the main keyboard shortcuts you can use to speed up your video creation process.

Context Menu

You can access the context menu with a right click on the canvas element, where you can:

  • Cut

  • Copy

  • Paste

  • Delete

  • Duplicate

  • Lock

  • Send forward/backward/front/back an element.


You can copy/paste elements and slides using the well-known commands:

  • Copy: Cmd/Ctrl + C

  • Paste: Cmd/Ctrl + V

If you find that this is not working, perform a hard refresh on your browser.

For Windows, use Ctrl + Shift + R. For Mac, use Cmd + Shift + R. This should allow you to reboot the browser and copy and paste successfully.


You can undo/redo elements and slides using the well-known commands:

  • Undo: Cmd/Ctrl + Z

  • Redo: Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + Z

Deselect Element

You can deselect an element by simply pressing the Escape (ESC) button.

Delete Element

You can quickly delete an element by simply pressing Delete or Backspace buttons.

Resize Element

You can resize an element using the following commands:

  • To lock resize aspect ration: Hold Shift

  • To center origin during resize: Hold Alt/Option

Move Canvas Element

You can move the canvas elements in two ways:

  • Small move: Arrow keys

  • Large move: Hold Shift + Arrow keys

Change Placement of Scenes in Bulk.

  • To select one or two scenes, hold shift + cmd/shift + ctrl and drag and drop.

  • To select a range of scenes, hold shift, select range and drag and drop them to your desired placement.

Open Special Characters in Script Box

To open the special characters option simply press control + cmd + space which you can add to your script box if required.

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