Learn how to:

  1. Record your screen

  2. Match your screen recording with the script

1. Record your screen

To find the screen recorder, go to the right side menu tool bar and click on the background icon. Click on uploads and select Record Screen.

You can choose to record your entire screen, a specific Window or Chrome Tab.

To start the screen recording, click Share.

The script will automatically begin playing when you start recording to help you sync the screen recording with the audio.

You can pause, stop or discard the ongoing screen recording. Discard means that you want to stop the current session without saving it.

Your screen recording will be automatically applied as a video background, and you can start editing it. It is also saved under your background uploads and becomes an asset you can reuse in the future.

2. Match your screen recording with the script

Here are two tips on how to match your screen recording with the script.

  1. Use the match to script feature

    The match to script feature helps you automatically adjust the speed of your screen recording playback, to match the duration of your script's reading.

    Simply enable match to script once you've edited your screen recording, and play script to preview the results.

  2. Make short screen recordings

    Shorter screen recordings are easier to match to script, and faster to update. It is especially useful in cases when you need to break down long processes into bite-sized videos describing one step at a time.

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